Dogfish Shark Dissection: Digestive System by Alexis Hippler, via Behance

The cookiecutter shark is a small species of dogfish shark that lives in warm ocean waters across the globe. Description from I searched for this on

The cookiecutter shark (Isistius brasiliensis), also called the cigar shark, is a species of small dogfish shark in the family Dalatiidae. This shark occurs in warm, oceanic waters worldwide, particularly near islands, and has been recorded from as deep as 3.7 km (2.3 mi).

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Top 10 Weird Medical Breakthroughs of 2011 - Squalamine - n September it was reported that a new compound found in dogfish sharks’ tissue could soon be trialled as a treatment for viruses in humans. Read more:

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Steroid discovered in dogfish sharks attacks Parkinson's-related toxin in animal model

Dogfish shark extract could help treat Parkinson’s disease, scientists hope

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A dogfish shark in aquarium tank at ZooQuarium on Route 28, West Yarmouth in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in October of 2000.

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