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Doha Prayer Time

Holy Orthodox Church, Syria. One of the first Christians in the world are under attack by FOREIGN terrorists funded by Qatar & Saudi Arabia and trained by Turkey. Wouldn't you defend your country against such people who behead and bite into a human heart in the name of religion! Tell your world leaders that you don't support and you don't want to fund this fake war. Time is of essence. Christians of Middle East are at peril if you remain silent!


Temple of Hercules, Amman, Jordan. 2nd century AD. Spectacular at sunset when the call to prayer echoes all around you. astrogeographic position: located in the constellation of the spiritual air sign Aquarius the sign of inspiration and self-finding and mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces the major indicator for temples. Field level 4.


By BI: Roane County Tea Party accuses schools of indoctrinating students with Islam…a problem that is spreading to schools all over America in conjunction with Common Core curricula, funded by the Islamic state of Qatar. WATE  The group also claims middle school students have to recite an Islamic prayer and learn that “Allah is the same god …


mosque in Education City, Qatar: "A unique feature is the lighting which are emitted from triangular openings of different sizes. For worshipers, it is as though they are praying under the stars!"

A child who is taught the power of prayer at a young age, beautiful.


iPad App Prayer Times Standard Lite | | *** | 4 | $ NOW FREE | App Features ------------ ★ Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayer timings ★ Reminders for all the 5 praye


Hannah and Zan are on their way to Doha, Qatar…flying over the Atlantic at this very moment. Please say a prayer for them to have safe travels. They change planes in Amsterdam late this evening, and on to Doha to see the third member of this wonderful trio of best friends, Marissa. This is just what Hannah needs to heal her heart after our loss of Molly. God's timing here is unquestionable. He knew she would need this at this time…of that I am sure.