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Dollar To Ruble

Gold hikes in advance of US nonfarm payrolls statement -

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Assange Slams Clinton Campaign for ‘False Reporting’ on DNC Leaks' Threat

In an interview with CNN, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accused Hillary Clinton’s election campaign of exaggerating privacy threats of publishing Democratic National Committee (DNC) mails.

OMG! Tutorial: Banded ruffle cuff little girl pants, good idea for when pants are getting a little too short but still fit in the waist! @Talita Ruble Ruble Ruble Ruble Ruble Ruble Ruble Wagner

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The US dollar slumped heavily on Thursday, as President-elect Donald Trump failed to clarify details on his pledge to boost fiscal spending and cut taxes. The Russian ruble enjoyed the dollar’s fall, reaching an 18-month high against the greenback.

Naira Rated 4th Worst Performing Currency of 2016 Bitcoin the increasingly popular cryptocurrency or digital currency was the best performing currency in 2016. If you were thinking the naira was the worst performing currency of that year you are wrong on this one. According to Bloomberg analysis the worst performing currency for 2016 was the pound. Not the British pound but the Egyptian pound which depreciated by 58.84 percent. The Nigerian naira which fell by 36.68 percent was the…