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Dolphin Habitat

from Foursquare

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Las #Vegas

from Business Insider

50 Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love With Earth All Over Again

Wir haben einige der schönsten und faszinierendsten Aufnahmen von unserem Planten zusammengestellt.

from One Green Planet

Heartbreaking Video of Angel the Albino Dolphin Swimming Listlessly in Filthy Tank Shows Exactly What’s Wrong With Captivity

<p>Watching this majestic animal swim laps in the “putrid cell,” as the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Facebook page describes it, she has been in for the last three years is sure to break your heart.</p>


FedEx just shipped dolphins from Hawaii to Arizona for a new tourist attraction. Urge the carrier to stop the cruel practice now! (254 signatures on petition)

from Fine Art America

Bottlenose Dolphin (tursiops Truncatus) Jumping Out Of Water, Sunset by Rene Frederick

Dolphins are amazing creatures living in the ocean. Known as the friend of man in the sea , while travelling. Its really amazing how they show the path to the sailors and even save the victims from the sharks , even without caring about their own life. It's sad some people kill thousands of Dolphins in the sea as rituals of some religions. But at the end of the it would be the receiver of them and finally, Love them. ~ Dolphins cry, HELP! Chemtrails poison oceans. Sonic weapons painfully…