Domestic Violence Tattoo

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I love this tattoo. It's about domestic violence awareness. Beautiful..

I want something like this with the purple domestic violence ribbon and the birds

Break the Silence: Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence Awareness Custom Order by InspiredByKarma, $0.20

This tattoo is very important to me. I got this tattoo as part of the Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence survivor ink campaign. July 5, 2013 is the day I broke my silence. I told my boss that...

Bruised And Bloodied Disney Princesses Remind Us Domestic Violence Can Happen To Anyone

Domestic Violence Ribbon Tattoo Cause ribbon tattoos

This is the quote I will use with my child abuse tattoo of rose and ribbon!!

ribbon tattoo for cancer.... I'd like something similar in Purple for Domestic Violence.

Strength tattoo. I love the placement. (coming back stronger than ever against domestic violence and standing on my own two feet)

domestic violence tattoo. I want this or something similar

One tattoo reads, “I found peace in BTS” - which stands for Break the Silence against Domestic Violence. Its a family of survivors and supporters who have rallied together to combat domestic violence.

Next tattoo with added domestic violence ribbon behind the word

Dawn Maestas has removed tattoos from women who have been branded as a result of domestic violence.

This would be AWESOME for my Domestic Violence Survivor tattoo.

Thinking of a fibro tattoo...

Maria Jose Cristerna (the Mexican Vampire Woman), a 35 year old former attorney from Guadalajara, Mexico - She has body modifications/piercings/tattoos over 98 per-cent of her body. Each area of work depict a segment of her experience with domestic violence and she uses that in working against domestic violence.

Diabetic Tattoo! This user tattoos their diabetic ribbon along with some beautiful butterflies representing her children. #diabetes

I wear teal and purple for all women! Sexual assault/domestic violence

domestic violence tattoo

My domestic violence #awareness ribbon tattoo with my quote never let the hand you hold, hold you down.. I #survived

Get it in purple for domestic violence awareness

NO DISRESPECT tattoo Mariska Hargitay to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse

Tat that reflects the infinity symbol for female victims of domestic violence, I love it ♥