#INTJ: If I don't like what I read from you, you are automatically defaulted to "get the f*** away from me" status. That won't change, unless your energy does.

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But why should you care, why should you know. I know you don't like me, I know you wish I didn't hang around with you, that's why I'm going to go and leave you alone

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Don't lead me on if you don't like me this is why I didn't want to have a crush again because I pick the worst guys my first was a fuckboy the second turned out to be gay and now you're a lier I like when we talk and the way you make me feel but i hate when you make me feel confused by broken_lonely_souls

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Let the idiots observe me instead for lack of their own personal excitement! Gossipers, busy-bodies, rats, snitches, controllers, etc. have my pity Zzzzzzz

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lol 'Don't take this the wrong way but I'm going to kick you' that was like 2years ago

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How freaking true. Bash me, lie, hate me, but I was the one who was real who sacrificed everything. At least I have my dignity and didn't try to save myself like others who turned their back on me to save themselves.

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