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BARBARA FELDON Agente 99 and DON ADAMS Maxwell Smart in AGENTE 86 Get Smart 1968

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Era serie, pero igual amaba al Super agente 86 ..1965 ... Max and '99' Don Adams and Barbara Feldon- 'Get Smart'

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Don Adams as Maxwell Smart Agent 86 and Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 - TV series, 'Get Smart', 1965-1970. I named my son Maxwell because this show was my favorite.

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Don Adams (né Donald J. Yarmy) (1923-2005) USMC 1941-45 WW II. Enlisted in the Marine Corps and assigned to 3rd Marines. Participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal and was wounded by small-arms fire. Contracted malaria and blackwater fever and spent a year in a Navy hospital in New Zealand. After recovery served as a Marine drill instructor. Best remembered for his role as secret agent Maxwell Smart in the TV series “Get Smart”.

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Don Adams, Get Smart. This was my Dad's favorite TV show. We all sat around and watched it as a family. It was pretty funny!

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Don Adams "Get Smart" TV show 1960's... I remember saying..Sure you can get phone calls on something with no wires that's not attached to the wall???!!!???

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Don Adams-Marines-After surviving the Battle of Guadalcanal, contracted Blackwater Fever, was in a Navy hospital for 1 year in New Zealand. Sent stateside and was a Marine Drill instructor. (Actor)

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