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Along with sharing merchandise, I've also enjoyed sharing Donald Trump Shirts on my twitter page. I now want to make a page showing off some of my favorites. I've had many people send me pictures


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Donald Trump Jr throws ninth birthday bash for daughter Kai

Stunning step-grandmother: Melania looked chic in a monochromatic outfit paired with classic pumps and a woven coat thrown over her shoulders

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Meet Mrs Trump, the First Lady of BLING!

Melania Trump pictured at their vast Trump Tower apartment ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

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Peek Inside Melania Trump's World (And Penthouse!)

What's your daily beauty regimen like? "I take vitamins and use a moisturizer that's an oxygen cream. Everything is natural. It's A, C, and E, and I mix them together. It's so important to care for your skin — inside and out from morning to night (especially in the night!). You need to take makeup off and moisturize!" Photographed by Sam Horine #refinery29

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As Donald Trump’s Campaign Turns (Sorta) Serious, Melania Trump’s Working to Look (Sorta) First-Lady-Like