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Donald Trump Debt

from The Huffington Post

Donald Trump Is Really, Really Proud To Be The 'King Of Debt'

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The Bankrupt Delusions of Donald Trump, the ‘King of Debt’

from CNNMoney

Donald Trump: 'I'm the king of debt'

Donald Trump: self proclaimed King of Debt? Donald Trump called himself the King of Debt in an effort to explain how he is comfortable and experienced with debt. Trump criticized Yellen who Obama hired. Although he said she was "very capable" he also said she is negatively known as a "dove" because of her timid mannerisms.

Flashback: In 1995 NY Times touted Donald Trump the ‘Comeback King’ for escaping debt

from CNN

Trump is the king of debt but not of taxes -

So, he has a problem with white voters, Hispanic voters, women voters, Muslim voters...who is left to vote for this man who echoes Hitler in his speeches? Poorly educated white men with poorly paying low skilled jobs and retirees.

from CNBC

'Debt king' Trump will have to fine-tune plans

Donald Trump - 'king of debt' (CNBC)

Donald Trump Rally With Coach Bobby Knight, Indianapolis Indiana – 6:00pm Live Stream | The Last Refuge

from CNN

Trump is the king of debt but not of taxes -

Criticism about Donald Trump's donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has renewed focus on Trump's history of political giving, sparking questions of whether he was serious earlier in his campaign when he bragged of being able to buy politicians.