Top 30 Worst Donald Trump TATTOOS ✔

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A roundup of funny and clever signs protesting Donald Trump's presidential candidacy.: Will Swap Donald Trump For Refugees

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Great Wall of Trump, little did Donald Trump realize...that the Mexicans had devise a crafty plan to get through his wall. Bahahahaha!

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Donald Trump will never be my president. He won't be. He does not have my best interests at heart, nor the interests of my friends and family. This egotistical bigoted pig will never, ever be a leader to me. Only a puppet put in a place of power to harm the ones who will be left with his policies and damage to control years later.

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"It wouldn't be USA without Mexicans and if it's time to team up, shit, let's begin, Black Love Brown Pride in the sets again." Fuck Donald Trump!

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Melania, showing off some huge diamond rings, applauded her husband as he made his victory speech at Trump Towers

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Thank you!!! Why bring up this crap now? Maybe because it was all Hillary could come up with? No one said any of this crap until Trump decided to run. Where was all these 'victims' before he decided to run? If they were scared then, don't you think they'd be even more scared now considering the circumstances now? I call BS.

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The feminist shirt is great for all hillary clinton fans who hate trump and love feminism and have no problem being a member of the nasty women club! This middle finger tattoo design is the perfect way to say fuck you to the patriarchy. This hillary clinton shirt is perfect for fans of feminism, grunge and punk aesthetic.

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The letter Aaron Sorkin wrote to his daughter when Trump was elected. VANITY FAIR. November 9, 2016.

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