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Pretty much, I have my own life with my own problems to worry about. I'm done investing time into other people.

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I'm done, so fucking done. You say we will forever be friends ... No sir, no we won't. We will have the necessary contact needed for you to spend time with Harley since you claim you want to be a part of her life forever (at least that's what you say in private, that's not what you say to your so called friends". I would never take her away from you but as for you and I ... We are nothing more than 2 people who used to be in a half faked "relationship".

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I care. I always care. This is my problem. The problem is I care way too much.

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Truth!! It takes me a good minute but once I'm done...I'm done!! Benefit of the doubt gets me everytime!!

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Damn right. I stuck around way to long for a person who straight up didn't care how he hurt me. Like a damn doormat. No matter what he said, he never changed and he never will. He doesn't even think he's done anything wrong.....

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2: my life doesn't turn around you,pathetic ugly depressed cunt! Continue to go in Church and pray that you can find some peace one day! Ps: do me a favor,shut the fuck up,because I'm return to be no one. I'm done,like it was done before,jealous fucking stalker!!!

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So I've officially given up on everything. Why? Because I'm done caring about people who don't care about me, I spend way too much time making sure everyone else is happy so I dive myself insane because I never have time to make sure I'm still happy, and I'm done with feeling alone and unwanted every single day. That's why

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Drink water. Lather yourself in coconut oil. Treat your real hair well. Get your nails done. Read books. Start a business. Mind yours.

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