I seriously hate closet doors, my door stays open all the time. Thinking about making something like this.

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Some men keep a foot in the door. Stay away from the door-holders. They only 'play' at being real men.

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love this idea of painting the storm door too so the door stays brightly colored even with a storm door.

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Flip to Open--It's easy to access small appliances in a cabinet with a flip-up door. The door stays out of the way so you can keep your counter space.

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The Katy bar looked great, but I thought of another solution. While I was at Home Depot, I spotted the galvanized steel fence posts and the ...

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Mommy Testers magnetic door stop $6. Pretty sure she put the parts on the wrong side but like that they're magnetic.

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Dude... If I saw that. I would scream, lock all the doors, windows, close the blinds, and pray to dear God that he won't find me.

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Samuel Heath - PerkoPower concealed door closers: The powerful hydraulics of a PerkoPower concealed door closer tuck into a custom-fitted void in a fire door's edge. Which means the hardware stays completely hidden when the door is shut. 111 East 39th Street, Suite 3R, New York, NY 10016; 212-599-5177; samuelheath.com.

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