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Dope dictionary

"Oh, I found the word to describe my delight of being nearly frozen all of the time. More cold please."~Sethaka.

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vintage herb clipart, black and white graphics, old advertising ephemera, vintage kitchen clip art, bottled herbs illustration

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“Dope” means great, wonderful, fantastic. Example: The movie today was really dope! I’m glad I went. Get our apps for learning English:

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Now I just need to figure out how these are pronounced. Also, is there a word for the shock that comes when you realize that there are words for all the things you thought no one else felt?

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Who made Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's black coat, flat sunglasses, gold jewelry, belt, skinny blue ripped jeans, mule shoes, and top?

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Panhead chopper. If you looked up the word Chopper in a dictionary, there's a very good chance there would be a picture of this Pan-Head out beside it.

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