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doppelgangers.jpg.jpeg 640×640 pixel..... An enigmatic German derived word, a Doppelganger is basically a person’s exact double. Apparently they have been seen since early times, and are sometimes known as a “Fetch”. According to Wikipedia, a vardoger is a double in Norse mythology, who actually precedes a living person, performing their actions in advance. In modern times paranormal message boards have several posts from persons claiming to have seen someone in one place, only to meet them…

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Study reveals the REAL reason sister Mary Ingalls from beloved 'Little House on the Prairie' series went blind as a teenager - and it WASN'T scarlet fever

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Twirling in a pretty floral kimono.

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Steven Has a Really Freaky Doppelganger Experience

A doppelganger story

Scary Stories That Are TRUE: A Weird Doppelganger Story

Doppelganger Stories | 3 True Paranormal/Unexplained Stories | Scary Stories That Are True - YouTube

Disney Couples or basically my childhood in real life

Disney Couples.

Disney Couples or basically my childhood in real life