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    Dorm Layout

    A few dorm room layout ideas! I think I'll work on a few layout ideas of my own when I have free time during break with www.homestyler.co... =)

    Planning out how to layout your dorm room with your roommate can help you maximize on space! #dorm #college blog.dormify.com/...

    Looking for a little more zen? Whether you’ve got a master bedroom, dorm room, or the tiniest studio around, check out these practical feng shui tips to help make your living space more happy and harmonious — at any time of day.

    Dorm Room Layout: You'll need to know your room furnishings (call Residence Life office), get the dimensions of your room and discuss what kind of room atmosphere and your roommate(s) want in advance.

    Design Your Dorm, a website with a 3D design tool that allows you to play around with your room's layout

    Dormify transformed a bare dorm room at Cabrini College into this amazing space in only two hours! www.dormify.com/... www.myfoxphilly.c...

    graduateEvolution-web.jpg 600×464 pixels

    Pimp your dorm room (24 photos) – theBERRY This layout is similar to our plan next year!! Except our room will have more space.

    The Clemson Best Dorm on Campus.. Idk why I'm pinning this cause I'm not gonna live in a dorm.. But it's cute haha

    pictures of dorm room layouts | Dorm Room Design and Solutions for Single Rooms

    College and dorm room necessities that you may have forgotten or not thought about

    Designyourdorm.com is so cool! It has floor plans of most dorms and allows you to layout your door before you get there!

    LOVE this idea for a college dorm wall, maybe even my bedroom wall!!

    Dorm layout. For you, @Maya

    Another nice layout! I like the colors in the room too, even though I feel like matching is a little much haha.

    20 Dorm Rooms You Wish Were Yours...could also be a way to do kids rooms if they end up having to share some day

    dorm layout? Creates a space for the desk area...perhaps.

    Feng Shui Single Dorm Layout lol innnnteresting

    Bowtiful Life: My Colorful Freshman Dorm

    This is a good storage layout for a dorm room.

    hidden closet under loft

    These corner style beds would be perfect for the girls' room!

    College Dorm Decorating Tips for Boys <- fuck that. i love this color scheme and layout. especially the trunk

    double dorm room layout

    Love this layout. Only thing is I would hate to be the one climbing up and down from the top bunk all the time