From on Instagram: Ready for an amazing night of SLEEP?! In a diffuser, combine 4 drops Lavender 2 drops Cedarwood 2-3 drops Breathe This combo of oils will not only help you relax & feel calm, it will also help with clear, easy breathing. All night long. Aw yeah. The AromaLite diffuser runs for 8 hours, so it's perfect for sleeping. And this blend is perfect for babies too! Ready to try these amazing dōTERRA oils? Message me! 801-588-9848 ❤️Cortney

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doTERRA Cedarwood Essential Oil 15 ml ** Don't get left behind, see this great product : pure essential oils

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It was one of those early bedtime nights Put this blend in the diffuser to help them get some much needed rest. 5-6 drops Serenity 3 drops Cedarwood Works for adults and children alike, and smells amazing!! What's your favorite blend for sleep? Have something tried and true? Tell us!

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I've been chatting with a few clients lately about promoting hair growth. Tonight I was doing a little research and came across some awesome ideas for using Cedarwood and peppermint essential oils to improve hair growth! Add a few drops of each (can also add Rosemary) to your shampoo and expect noticeable results within 7 months. Bonus: if you suffer from dandruff or dry itchy scalp or pretty much any scalp condition both of these oils should heal it. Isn't nature awesome?! If you want…

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