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When I'm out and about, it seems like I am forever trying to keep my kid's hands clean. This essential oil spray is a quick, easy and natural way! 1 oz glass spray bottle 5 drops doTERRA Melaleuca, 5 drops doTERRA OnGuard, 1 tsp FCO or Aloe Vera (optional), Water to the top, Combine in spray bottle. Shake before each use. Missed onto hands and allow to air dry. If you have tiny ones you will be using this on, just do 10 drops Melaleuca and skip the OnGuard Tag your mama friends!


The uses for On Guard are literally endless. It's one of our top-used oils. It's a #top10 "foundational" oil that's essential to every family's oil collection


doTERRA Essential Oils for Immune Support!! 1. doTERRA OnGuard Essential Oil blend on the bottoms of the feet and the spine every night. Also the OnGuard beadlets - easy to swallow. 2. I LOVE the OnGuard pills (OnGuard+Oregano+Melissa+Black Pepper) for their ease and effectiveness. 3. 1 drop each doTERRA Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, and OnGuard in a gel cap, every 4 hours with food.


Building up your immune system is process. Eating well, taking a high quality supplement, getting the rest we need and reducing our stress levels and toxic load all contribute to a happy, robust immune system. Here's another way to boost with essential oils: doTERRA OnGuard protective blend - the immune boosting go-to! Frankincense - amazing immune and cell benefits, and enhances the benefits of the other oils. Arborvitae - immune boosting...


Immune Boosting Lotion Bars

Immune Boosting Lotion Bars. Keep your hands soft while giving your immune system a boost this flu & cold season. doTERRA OnGuard keeps germs in check! I love On Guard Lotion Bars!


OnGuard Whitening Toothpaste from doTERRA (Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil) For more information, visit: