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A SUPERB AND RARE ~ Antique Russian Imperial presentation rose gold pocket watch by Paul Buhre (Pavel Bure), watchmaker to the Emperors of Russia. The cover is decorated with an enameled gold double headed Imperial eagle, circa 1916. Imperial watches with multi-color enameled eagle are very rare.


The Imperial Russian Crest - Not of Russian nationality but my birthplace flag has a an eagle with two heads which looks exactly like this! I surely have to have this.


The double-headed eagle first originated in the mighty Sumerian city of Lagash. From cylinders taken from the ruins of this ancient city, the double-headed eagle seems to have been known to the kings of the time as the Storm Bird. From the Sumerians this symbol passed to the men of Akkad, from whom it was brought to the Emperors of the East and West by the Crusades.


Tsar Nicholas ll of Russia CIGARETTE BOX AND CIGARETTES~ Benson and Hedges with the double headed eagle stamped in gold on cigarette paper.


The double-headed Imperial Eagle of the Romanov Tsars, perched atop the main gate of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. hanging on | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


N♡T.Nicholas II, 1894-1917. GOLD Coinage with the name of Alexander II. 4 Ducats 1905. Gold. 12.76 gm. Bit 8 (R1), Basok – unlisted. Bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria right; legend around with the title of Russian Emperor Alexander II / Russian double-headed eagle.1,500.00USD

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Floor tile

This 13th-century inlaid tile bears a double-headed eagle, the emblem of Henry III's brother, Richard of Cornwall. It was apparently found at a site in Lyme Regis. Tiles of the same design were used at Cleeve Abbey in Somerset, where a medieval tiled floor has survived almost intact at the site of the refectory. This heraldic design was among several first produced to commemorate the marriage in 1271 of Richard's son Edmund to Margaret de Clare.