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Double Knock out roses - the least demanding rose ever. Blooms like crazy all summer long, no deadheading required. Fills up a flower bed. Plant 3 feet apart, prune in spring to keep bush size under control. Planted in full sun. Plant with blue salvia, daisies, and dianthus. I planted a climber - purple jackmanii at the base of each plant to let it grow up and through the branches in the hopes it will twine onto the deck.


Double Knock Out® Rose Maintenance

The complete care guide for Double Knockout Roses, including how to plant, how to maintain them and how to prune.


Double Knock Out® Rose Maintenance

Double Knockout Roses probably sound familiar to you because ever since they were introduced in 2000 they spread like wildfire all over the country. They s


another shrub candidate - a landscape rose. really hoping to find some at a local dealer, they are beautiful and easy to care for! (Knockout roses, shown here)