This lovely client had been contemplating a semicolon tattoo, but wasn't sure if a tattoo was the right choice for her. Then she saw this rad semicolon jewelry and had her answer! Double tragus done by @zwpiercing #luckysnoho #northamptonma #earpiercing #

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One of our favorite clients Sandrine has adorned her lobes with us over the past few years. A collaboration between all of our amazing piercers and a mixture of some of the beautiful jewelry that we carry here at Braindrops! @paulshinichi @mateoway @kingdayday415

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Vertical Tragus piercing, love! This seems like it would hurt worse than my normal tragus piercing but it's different:)

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Tragus is what I want the MOST! They're so cool, totally worth it. I'll be scared in the moment, but they're my FAVORITE.

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