Omne trium perfectum translates to all things that come in threes are perfect. For my sweet little sister with Down syndrome.

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Cute idea for a Down's syndrome awareness tattoo

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Me an my three kids I mean adults lol we're goin to get this tattoo for our blessing Marcelus. Who still will tell us he loves us this way... it's perfect... an if he chooses to get it too I'm ok with it, cuz even tho he has Down Syndrome some may think I'm wrong. But we've NEVER tested him any different.

#Down syndrome awareness#infinity#anchor tattoo I got in honor of my son

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Down syndrome tattoo: My brother has Down syndrome, resulting in three chromosomes in the 21st trisomy. "omne trium perfectum" translates to "everything that comes in threes is perfect, or The Rule of Three. The writing is from a birthday card, love him more than anything. Good things come in threes!!!

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My new tattoo. Down syndrome ribbon and butterfly. Love it and love you Drew.

Down Syndrome tattoo! Want to get one for my little brother

Down syndrome tattoo

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My seventh tattoo. The Down's syndrome awareness ribbon with butterfly wings for my little brother

More alike than different Tattoo. Down syndrome awareness.

Down Syndrome butterfly :) I'm so thankful that the Lord brought us our precious little Logan. He lights up a room and lightens our family with his presence. He is truly a gift from Heaven.

Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month with SugarBabies!! Let’s get educated and inspired!

Angel wings tattoo,. I want the third one down either on my rib cage or on the back of my neck,. I want it small though

My very first tattoo. For my nephew, Tysen. Down Syndrome Awareness! :)

Down Syndrome tattoo. I would love to put Colton's footprint from birth in the middle of the butterfly.

The 7% survivors. Downs Syndrome Awareness - do you think you get a "pass" from God for killing one of his children because they are not "perfect" in your eyes & heart?

Down Syndrome Awareness butterfly with "Omne Trium Perfectum" (Everything in threes is perfect) for new tattoo

Tattoo to honor my kiddos with Autism and Down Syndrome

'Love Doesn't Count Chromosomes'