Down Syndrome Tattoo

This is the sweetest thing ever... Lady with Down syndrome comes in every Friday so this artist can give her a "tattoo".

Down Syndrome Awareness butterfly with "Omne Trium Perfectum" (Everything in threes is perfect) for new tattoo

Down Syndrome Butterfly.. I would love to have this as a tattoo,

I don't usually like tattoos but I would consider this one. Down Syndrome

Down syndrome tattoo: My brother has Down syndrome, resulting in three chromosomes in the 21st trisomy. "omne trium perfectum" translates to "everything that comes in threes is perfect, or The Rule of Three. The writing is from a birthday card, love him more than anything. Good things come in threes!!!

down syndrome awareness tattoos

The tattoo tells the story of my journey with my son Jackson through the chrysalis of a butterfly (the butterfly is also the international symbol for Down syndrome)....

Cute idea for a Down's syndrome awareness tattoo

Tattoo artist applies weekly tattoos to woman with Down Syndrome : theCHIVE

Down Syndrome tattoo! Want to get one for my little brother

My best friend got a tattoo to support his little sister with Down's syndrome.

My new tattoo. Down syndrome ribbon and butterfly. Love it and love you Drew.

Down-syndrome awareness butterfly ribbon tattoo by Mat Nasty at Lucky Strike Tattoo Shop

#Down syndrome awareness#infinity#anchor tattoo I got in honor of my son

My down syndrome tattoo for my brother ♥ GOD BLESS U AND UR BROTHER. LOVE UR TAT....I LOVE THIS PIN I FOUND

More alike than different Tattoo. Down syndrome awareness.

Down Syndrome Awareness Princess Tattoo

MY TATTOO!!! My butterflies have meaning and each one stands for a family member. Top puzzle piece one is for Autism for my nephew.... Middle is Lupus for my Aunt... And bottom is for Down Syndrome for my niece!!!

autism tattoo ideas | Redskins Tattoos - Tattoo | Big Tattoo Planet

i love sweet little DS feet ♥ Down Syndrome Awareness. Possible tattoo.

okay...i found my "Patrick" tattoo...picture this in purple (the official Down Syndrome ribbon color)

watercolor tattoo down syndrom ribbon - Google Search

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In blue and yellow for Down syndrome awareness for my little man

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