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The 13th Girl - Waterfaults in our Stars

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Men at Work - Land Down Under - song lyrics, song quotes, music lyrics, music quotes, songs

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Greg Norman Ham (27 September 1953-19 April 2012) was an Australian songwriter, actor and saxophone player known for playing multiple instruments in the 1980s band Men at Work Down Under - Men At Work (HQ Audio)

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tie me kangaroo down ukulele chords - I have never heard of this song before but now I have to :)

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Gendry "[T]his boy had the heavy shoulders and muscular right arm so often seen on smiths. He wore a long leather apron, but under it his chest was bare. A dark stubble covered his cheeks and chin, and his hair was a thick black mop that grew down past his ears." art by Jason Jenicke

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"Uh oh, uh oh. Oh and paint me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother. I know I'm safe with you when ya stand under my colors. Oh well, life ain't always whatcha thinks its gonna be. Ain't even gray but she buried her baby....." Yeah, I know every word, sad but true :)

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"We Got the Fire" Chicago Cubs 2016 Postseason Hype Song - link to lyrics under the screen: "Makes a hunger like no other I can feel it down in my soul But destiny’s callin’ Take the line God as witness can we win this just one time before my father dies?"

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