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Cast and visitors on the set of 'The Tide Of Empire', directed by Allan Dwan. L-R: Natalie Talmadge Keaton, Allan Dwan, Constance Talmadge, Buster Keaton, who appeared in a cameo role, Renee Adoree, and William Collier Jnr.


Clytemnestra: "After the murder" (1882) artist John Collier (1850-1934). In the Oresteia by Aeschylus, Clytemnestra was a femme fatale who murdered her husband, Agamemnon, king of Mycenae (Argos) and the Trojan princess Cassandra, whom he had taken as war prize following the sack of Troy.


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Jaguar nose ring Colombia(Calima) Gold 13th century Height 19cm This quivering with the movements of the dance, seems to show a jaguar ready to spring at the viewer. The figure of the jaguar-man was associated with the shaman, the religious leader who could transform himself into a feline in order to balance the contradictory forces of the cosmos.


The Order of Solomon was established initially as a collar by Ras Tafari Makonnen in 1922 — whilst he was still Regent under Empress Zauditu — “to be awarded to foreign Kings who had the rank according to Emperor”. The Collar was originally envisaged by Emperor Haile Selassie, it is believed, as the highest rank of the Order of Solomon’s Seal, created by Emperor Yohannes IV in 1874, which was itself often referred to as “the Order of Solomon”, but became a separate order which was awarded…