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Dr Veb

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Dr. Pepper Barbecued Beef Brisket

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Dr. Pepper Barbecued Beef Brisket - Slowly roasted for maximum tenderness, this brisket will melt in your mouth. Sweet, spicy and bold, this is a recipe that even BBQ aficionados will love.

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23 Sexy Actors Who Could Serenade You To Sleep

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Don't Write Me Off ~ Music and Lyrics

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Cerny'S Sculpture
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Sculpture by David Cerny's sculpture Next, we sought out one of Černý’s earlier works, Quo Vadis from 1990. The piece, a bronzed Trabant with four legs, commemorates the 4,000 East Germans who camped out in the gardens of the German Embassy in Prague before being granted permission to travel to West Germany in 1989. Many of the East Germans who traveled to West Germany left behind their Trabants, two-door sedans, produced by East German car manufacturer VEB

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First off, coal mines are terrifying. Secondly, its pretty impressive such a large effect was had by this single photo/story of a worker. Its always astounding to me how effective things like this have been in history with socialist dictatorships.

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The Power of a Praying® Wife by Stormie Omartian,

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Helpful Tips on How to Get a Real Job Right Now When you graduate from a university, your mind is filled with the hopes for the best career opportunities. On the other hand, former graduates face with harsh reality very soon. They realize that there are thousands of other applicants who compete for the same dream job. So, it is necessary to pluck up the courage and start the path to getting a real job right now.

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Dans l'armoire de ma grand-mère...: Photo

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That friend who dragged you to Jesus is a keeper (repost from @catholicsbelike) #catholichumor #catholicsbelike

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West & East German Pottery marks & form numbers v IV. With over 2500 new numbers added, score´s of new marks including over 30 VEB´s from the former DDR. Picture by Henrik Hansen of Denmark, who stacked these Scheurich 231-15s 10 pieces high by 24 in a row, in order for this picture to be taken.