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The gift of air - Doctor Who I was laughing so hard Season 1 episode 2 - The end of the world - Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who Challenge Day 1: Favorite Doctor. Nine will always, always be my favorite Doctor. He was my first Doctor and he is why I fell in love with the show. He is equal parts sass and goofiness, and just plain fantastic. Christopher Eccleston deserved more than one season.

WIN. I just see a very cute little Benedict who's standing in the corner and eating his jam. Meanwhile Merlin yells:"Can I come out of my room yet?" BBC: "NO JUST SIT THERE AND SUFFRR"

Dr. Who: Season 5 -- This season is brilliant, scary, a whole messy ball of weird and -just like a bow tie- very COOL! The perfect show to binge on episodes. (TV-14) --Click photo to reserve your copy--