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When someone asks if the girl behind you (who in reality is your sister) is your girlfriend

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After seeing this I'll never look at that Bewilderbeast any other way and when I look at grumpy cat I will think of this

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This is me and my best friends when we see someone we both hate. The facial expressions are spot on.<-----YAS

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Valka is a Dragon Rider who, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, is Hiccup's mother and wife to Stoick the Vast. She was taken by a dragon and presumed to be dead. She chose to stay away, believing her family would be better off without her. Valka eventually meets Hiccup during his journey to stop Drago Bludvist. She is loosely based on Valhallarama from the books.

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Drago Bludvist

Drago Bludfist, okay, he's a little scary looking...He definitely looks like a villain. And, MAN, look at that ugly mug. A face only a mother could love, if he didn't kill her before he developed into...THIS!!! And I thought Alvin was ugly. lol XD

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Hiccup tries to save Toothless from Drago Bludvist, but his mother, Valka holds him back because she is worried that Drago will try to make Toothless hurt Hiccup again.

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Drago and his Bewilderbeast by on @deviantART

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