The corrugated soil containers are large, black plastic drainage pipes left over from a construction project. All those circles around the pots and acting as a decorative mulch are pressure gaskets and seals from industry machinery

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How to make an outdoor pool umbrella half barrel flower pot stand. Shade! 1) Real/resin half barrel (drill holes in the bottom for drainage) 2) QUIKRETE or a cement block that has a hole in the center for your post 3) Put in PVC pipe (spray paint to liking) 4)Use small stones or pebbles to increase the stability. Cover with dirt and plant flowers. 6) If you use a tilt umbrella the wind may blow it in a circle. Drill hole in PVC, put screw in place.

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Veg processing station in the garden. Not complicated. Sink in table, self-coiling, cold water hose very close by hanging on hook, drainage pipe back into garden soil. Saturday or Full-Weekend project once all materials are gathered.

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Keep your wastewater pipes clean! Unplugging drainage pipes is very expensive for homeowners and often requires tearing up your lawn. To promote clean, long lasting pipes, never pour grease down the drain or toilet—pour it into a container which you can throw away when full. Wiping greasy pans and dishes with a paper towel is also recommended to avoid letting any amount get into your pipes. Capture the grease, release the savings. #conserve #water #grease

Lay the drainage pipe in a fabric lining in the dug ditch. Place drain pipe atop fabric lining, then add gravel, covering pipe completely. Leave approximately 5" between top of gravel and ground surface.

PVC pipe is the best product for gutter drainage. It is much less likely to clog than the corrugated black plastic pipe that is often used. Installing clean-outs is also a good practive.

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