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Teaching Drama: The Essential Handbook. 16 ready-to-go lesson plans for your drama class.


Great ideas for a basic drama class, including a daily journal/warmup. Very adaptable!


Drama Role Play Activities and Warm Ups

Drama Warm Ups - Fun role playing activities to get students moving, thinking and creating. Whether you are teaching drama in literature, a drama class, or sponsoring a drama club afterschool, these activities will be engaging and fun for students


180 Acting Improvisation Scenarios for Drama Class


Public Speaking Games

Public Speaking Games - Delivery, Expression, Distractions, and GesturesPublic speaking can seem like an impossible task to many students, but it doesnt have to feel that way! Students can tolerate and even enjoy public speaking when they learn it in a fun and engaging way.

Start and end your drama class with meaning! This six-page tutorial offers 12 ways to open class and six ways to end the experience.