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Amazingly Realistic Drawings Created with Ballpoint Pens

Amazingly Realistic Drawings Created with Ballpoint Pens - My Modern Metropolis


Regardless of the body proportions, drawing realistic ears have a rule of thumb to follow Learn this rule...(remembering that the bottom of the ear varies with each person)...Three rules of thumb that never change is that there are three main basic parts of the ear that are necessary: the outer edge, the inner edge, and the hole leading to the eardrum. If you can get them down on paper, the battle is half done


I adore everything @david_rollyn creates. I use his simple images to lead my fourth graders in directed drawing lessons. They always feel successful and leave my room with a beautiful work of art bits amazing what a little vision and a black pen can creat


Oops I think I have an obsession with detail. I have always loved doodling, ask any of my teachers or class-mates and you would have found me drawing on my homework diary or scribbling on the sides of worksheets. Over the years, I have challenged myself to add more detail, be more creative and turn ordinary things into little works of art.

14 #Sketch - From Juniel 2nd album cover - Lamy Safari and Pentel brush pen - My sketchbook


ALFRED BASHA mainly draws with black-inked pen and at night; lover of bright contrasts where no-one stoke is similar to the previous nor to the next. - created via