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Hemp & Honey Dread Wax

hemp & honey dread wax 12g beeswax 28g shea butter 10g hemp oil 10g jojoba oil 12g honey 2g vegetable glycerin (optional)

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How to Make Homemade Beeswax for Dreads

Avoid petrolatum with homemade dread wax.


Dread wax helps moisturize mature dreadlocks and hold new dreads together as they lock. While there are several commercial waxes available in stores, they often contain petrolatum, a petroleum derivative. Instead, make your own dread wax from all-natural ingredients available in health food stores. Tea tree, lavender and peppermint oil refresh your scalp and help …

Temporary Dreads... UM WHAT? I wanna do this, but I also want to know how easy it actually is to get them out...

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Vegan-Friendly Natural Organic Dread Wax Dreadlock Wax Beeswax Free For New Mature Temporary Dreadlocks Helps Dreads Locs Twists Braids

VeganFriendly Natural Organic Dread Wax by BrokenDollBoutique, $15.00

from Humblebee & Me

Hemp & Honey Dread Wax

My friend Ty recently adopted a set of dreadlocks, and they’ve moved in where his hair used to be. He’s rocking the Bob Marley look like a champ, and is tolerating his collection of new nicknames remarkably well. The cost … Continue reading →


Knotty Boy Dread Wax 4 oz Light by Knotty Boy. $13.95. Non-Cakey. Light color is perfect fo Blonde to Light Brown Hair. 100% All Natural. Non-Greasy. Knotty Boy Dread Wax is a 100% all natural, non-greasy, and non-cakey dread wax that works! Each 4oz jar lasts the average user between one and three months, depending on need. The wax is available in a natural Light Beeswax color, suitable for Blonde to Light Brown hair, and a Dark Beeswax color with all-natural Wa...