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Fun Psychology facts here!-I'm going to have to pay attention to that. Can't day I remember any clocks in my dreams but I do forget them rather quickly

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This has happened before! Like, it doesn't always happen, but I have had moments where I think "Wait... Deja Vu!" And then I think about when it was, until I finally remember that it was a dream the first time!

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YES dreamed about my crush last four days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that means he dreams about me too! Fuck!!? Awesome!!!!

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More Facts HERE-- I dreamed about eating cupcakes... I must have been repressing my hunger... Hahaha!!

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Facts about Dreams. Oh, wow.WE NEED THIS FOR MAGIC MAYSON AND EMMA<---S that explains my dream I had, in the dream my teacher was making cakes for everyone, AND I DIDNT GET ANY OF IT!!!!!!

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I love to sleep because I love to dream. Dreams are doors to another dimension and they reveal so much

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