We've been talking a lot about hosting a holiday party lately, but what if you're invited to one as a guest? It can be confusing trying to decipher the stated dress code. "Black tie" is easy: wear a tux. But what about those other categories? Well, last week we brought you a quick visual guide to dressing for an interview, and this week we offer some general guidelines for how to dress for an event at a glance. (We didn't do "Cocktail" because the expected dress for that designation can…

Express- Red Muscle Tank This red muscle tank is perfect for chillin or dressing up for an interview. I would always tuck it in with high waisted black shorts! This doesn't have a size but it is very loose and baggy so it would be a medium/large! Let me know if you're interested! Express Tops Muscle Tees

Kasper Women's 2 Button Jacket, Grey/Black, 16 Petite. You will be dressing for success in the two button, cross dyed jacket. This is the perfect jacket for any job interview or business meeting. Pair it with Kasper matching pant or dress for an overall career-ready look.

When you go on an interview it is important to look you best in terms of professionalism. Clothes such as jeans and a t shirt are absolutely not acceptable however the degree of "professionalism" which clothes should be worn is interchangeable depending on the job.

Fashionable office lady wear: wind commuter professional women's clothing, Beautiful dress for working women.

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