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Sewing Machine Covers

Covering your serger or sewing machine is essential. This simple tutorial will show you how to make a simple serger cover in very little time.


All About Sewing Seams | Need a refresher on the different types of seams at your disposal? Or maybe you’re starting out and doing research to better acquaint yourself with your machine and your project? This guide is here to help! Below is a list of some of the most commonly used types of seams and how you can use them, so you can get back to your project with the confidence and knowledge you need to make it the best you can!


Sewing Machine Repair – Common problems with stitches, threading, tension and bobbins! >> troubleshooting sewing machine tips and instructions


Rolled Hem Basics & How To

How to sew a beautiful rolled hem on your machine with this specialty foot. Using the special rolled hem foot takes care of everything in a single pass - quick, easy and oh-so pretty. A basic rolled hem is perfect for napkins. Also works great on things like a circle skirt where you need a really narrow hem. It's all covered in this tutorial and tips at The Sewing Loft. Read more here...


Thread Catcher Plus Sewing Pattern

Keep yourself organized while working at your sewing machine with this handy catcher! It's a thread catcher as well as an organizer for practically every notion you need to use as you're stitching up a storm. Best of all, it uses just 2 fat quarters!...