Save water and help your plants beat the heat with an easy-to-install drip irrigation system. | Illustration: Gregory Nemec | We show you how @

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Watering the garden and planters can become a huge chore during the hot, dry summer months. Make your life easier by adding a simple drip irrigation system.

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The best way to water your garden is to set up a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer. But what if you do not have that option?. If so, a great option is to bury a milk jug with holes drilled in it next to your plants. To water all you have to do is stick the hose in the top of the jug and fill up the milk jug and you are done! It also makes it easy to fertilize, add a scoup of fertilizer into the jug and add water and you are done!

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Gravity feed irrigation system. For best operation there should be 3' or more of drop between the faucet and the drippers. (It will start to work with only 1' of drop, but not optimally.) Includes 20 drip spikes with a leak rate of 1 gph, 50' of 1/2" inside diameter (I.D.) header hose, 50' of 1/4" I.D. feeder tube, a yellow hole punch, and connectors (1 compression end, 20 of the 1/4" straight connectors and a hose/faucet connector) to make a system to water up to 20 plants.

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Even large containers have to be watered every day in GA. Many people have automatic sprinklers that drip their pots. If you don't, and you hand water, your pots will die if you leave town. This person's inexpensive travel solution seems like a good idea.

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PVC Drip Irrigation is an inexpensive and easy to build method for watering your backyard garden. After adding a PVC drip irrigation system to your garden you can expect stronger vegetable plants, fewer weeds and a lower water bill!

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Irrigation spikes - attach these spikes to old soft drink bottles to create an efficient irrigation system for your garden! The slow-drip design delivers water deep into the soil, so your plants stay nourished while you save time watering.

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