Tree Drum Kit Set Up. RESEARCH - It's SUPER annoying & rather unethical to NOT give credit for photos, tho posting on Facebook presumes someone might not: 10,750 SHARES by 10-9-2015. CREDIT: Life Tree Design drumkit designs are shared on Facebook by pseudonym musician Mr. Sawbladehead who describes himself as Artist, Professional Drummer, Audio Engineer, metal fabricator. Website is on MySpace site. #Sawbladehead

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This design features a drum set with the words ( And God Said Let There Be Drummers,And the devil Ran in fear.) Music is an art form and the percussionist keeps the whole band in time. "Of course the

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Drummers Quote poster - lot of #Humor in there for us. #DdO:) - - My personal favorites, to the fond memory of many a school desk & bus set back: Everything you touch becomes a drum... and then, You know what RLRR means. !! Fun pin via michael lobue

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Buddy Rich, NYC, New York, 1954 © HERMAN LEONARD. One of the most recognizable drummers of all time, Rich performed with such jazz aristocracy as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey and Gene Krupa. The heir apparent to Krupa’s crown, Rich’s infamous disdain for practice was just further proof of his prodigious talent.

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Drummer Gene Krupa by Gjon Mili| I will find out how to do this! Long exposure taken through a black fan maybe?
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