Omg dude!! U were so drunk last night! - - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

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Drunk DUDEYou were so drunk last night! | No I was NOT! | DUDE! YOU RAN AROUND MY HOUSE CUTTING MY PINEAPPLES OPEN SAYING 'SPONGEBOB I KNOW YOUR IN THERE!' | sure..... | and THEN.. You took my cat, put it in your pillow and said 'ITS A PILLOW, ITS A PET.. ITS A PILLOW PET! :)' and the your girlfriend hit you with a frying pan | HOLY SHIT!

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RyanDude you were so drunk last night! | What!? Was not! | U picked up my little sister and shook her saying 'dora! How did you get out of t...

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FredDude you were so drunk last night! | The hell? What did I do? | You ran out of my closet and screamed 'I'm back from Narnia!' | Then you saw some girl in a white dress and asked her 'How did you escape from Narnia you evil witch?' | Damn dude who was she? | My sister!

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My roomate came home drunk last night and doesnt remember designing an entire fucking airplane.

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