4 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods for All Budgets: Looking for the best hypoallergenic dog foods for your pooch with allergies? Check out our picks for the top four tastiest & healthiest!

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dog kibble: oven 200. Oil a cookie sheet. Brown 1lb meat, puree if ground. Puree 2c cooked vegetables. In a large bowl, mix 3c whole-wheat flour with 1c milk powder. In another, mix 2 eggs, 1/2c oil, 1 1/2c water/broth. Slowly add egg mixture to the dry. Stir in cooked foods. Combine well. Spread 1/2" thick. Score with a knife or pizza cutter closely enough to end up with kibble-size pieces. Bake 1-2 hrs. Turn off oven, cool in oven for hrs until harden

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Dog Food Recipes. My dog would love these, especially the meat and veggie loaf! I might even like that one.

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Discover the difference between canned and dry dog food and learn which is the better choice for your pet

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Homemade dry dogfood, Made my furbabies some homemade dry dog food this past weekend, man do they love it! Green bean, zuchinni, chicken, beef and carrot,

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Monster Mash- I make this when my dogs skin starts getting dry, and they go nuts for it! I call it monster mash because they are my little monsters. I use my Magic Bullet and mix a spoonful of coconut oil, a couple tablespoons of Olive Oil, and a few pinches of whole flax seeds I keep in the freezer. Mix the whole thing til it's blended and its usually enough to last me a week! Just drizzle on dry dog food and watch them go crazy.

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