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#Grief Theory 101: The Dual Process Model of Grief < "direct response to... limitations... in existing grief theory... argues that to “avoid, deny, or suppress” certain aspects of grief is not only normal, but a healthy and important part of grieving..."


The benefits of growing up bilingual are many, and now new data further deconstructs the process that makes bilingual children so remarkable.


Contra Kahneman, your mind’s fast and intuitive “System One” is capable of logic By Christian Jarrett Nobel-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s international best-selling book is titled Thinking Fast and Slow in reference to the idea that we have two mental systems, one that makes fast, automatic decisions based on intuition, and a second that is slower, deliberate and logical. A further detail of this “dual processing theory” is that given time, and if we make the effor..

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Dual-process Theories in Moral Psychology : Interdisciplinary Approaches to Theoretical, Empirical and

Dual-process Theories in Moral Psycholog (Paperback)