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Hollywood Walk of Fame - Vicente Fernandez | Great Mexican s… | Flickr

Duane Eddy - *Raunchy* (1963) - YouTube The first song that I ever tried to "fast dance" to. My cousin DeeDee struggled mightily to teach me the steps....she failed miserably. I didn't even have two left feet....


Duane Eddy - Rebel-rouser - The master of twang! Eddy had 5 Top 40 hits between 1958 and 1963, I think this track was one of the first, in 1958.


Gretsch 6120 :: Duane Eddy Model. From the collection. They don't get any better for rockabilly... resonates like mad. Join The League Of Rock and use this fine axe in live performance


GRETSCH Duane Eddy - Shared by The Lewis Hamilton Band - - -

1961 Guild X-375 - The poor man’s Gibson Switchmaster. At this time the triple pickup mania was in full swing. Fender was dominating the solid body with Gibson 10 years into the ES-5 and ultimately the Switchmaster. They feature fantastic build quality and very nicely voiced pickups. One of my dream guitars would be a 1962 blonde Duane Eddy model with DeArmond pickups. Clean original Guilds like this one in the picture are hard to find but don’t command huge vintage price tags.