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Duggars Religion

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Bible Verse, Genesis, Children, Child Abuse, Women, Bigotry, Sexism, Misogyny, Morality. Duggar Family Values. Right out of the "good book" that is their source for "morals."

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What is saddest of all is when women - brought up indoctrinated to be obedient to men and their religious doctrine - perpetuate the culture of blaming women for men's choices, as if men have no control over their own bodies. I can't believe that another women would say this. Regardless of dress if a man wants to rape another women then they will. Men need to have better control of themselves, instead of simply blaming the victim because she was dressed provocatively.


But all the blame lies at the feet of Josh Duggar and his criminally irresponsible parents. It’s time for conservatives to stop rallying around this family with weird values and hold them accountable for what happened. Sex scandals should never be partisan. But the tribalism conservatives have demonstrated has quickly politicized the issue. It’s Mike Huckabee and Bart Hester who are politicizing what Josh Duggar did.


Defends INCESTUOUS child molester. Don't get me wrong, child molesters are true pieces of shit. But when you couple the two, you have really risen to a level that deserves to have someone go medieval on your coinpurse. LSDuBois