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Dunkirk Boilers

In the early days of logging lokes an outfit might not have enough revenue to merit buying an entire locomotive. Often times the owner would purchase parts- cylinders, driveline and trucks then add their own body and boiler to build a backwoods steam monster.


dunkirk water boiler

April 26, 1865: Sultana seen at Helena, Arkansas overloaded with returning Union soldiers. The next day her boilers exploded killing over 1,500 of those on board. One of the worst maritime disasters in history and I’m sure only a hand-full of people know about it. History is important folks. Amen.


Camp Artifacts: Civil War camp objects include a coffee boiler, ladles, mess plates, a salt or sugar shaker, a combination knife-fork-spoon, tin cups, and a coffee bean roaster. (Photo Credit: Tria Giovan/CORBIS)


HMS ivanhoe - The destroyer HMS Ivanhoe had been amongst the last ships to leave Dunkirk when, packed with troops she was bombed and machine gunned. Twenty-one of her crew were killed, along with many soldiers. Only one boiler room survived, giving her just enough power to return to the Naval dockyard at Sheerness