Rune Generator: type your name and see it written in Dwarf Runes! (or Elvish) This was so cool!!! I saw my name and my kids' names in Elvish, they were beautiful and now i need to print them!!!

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Fantasy Name Generator-everything from generic Elf, Dwarf, and Human names to Wizard names, fairy names, and tons of other stuff

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Mississippi Library Commission in Elvish Tengwar runes - This site translates your name (or whatever) into Tolkien's languages, Hobbit, Dwarf, and Elf alike!

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Seventh Sanctum Random Generators. Large group of prompts and generators to boost creativity when just starting a story or stuck. (I highly recommend)

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What's Your Birth Color? Your Birth Color Is: Yellow You are a seeker of light. You prefer clarity and honesty in words and in action. You try to be better in every way you can.

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