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Oh my god. This is what I spent the whole of only Lovers Left Alive trying to figure out who Adam (Tom hiddleston) reminded me of. Dylan Moran. Oh dear. Now I'm crushing on Dylan Moran. Bugger.

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Dylan Moran, my absolute favorite comedian. This is "Black Books" a show well worth looking up and watching a marathon of episodes.

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Dylan Moran Is Right

Dylan Moran on men being more romantic than women. (He's totally right). It's not completely true however. Like saying that men never grow up, many do; most don't. lol Does this guy look like Pippin to you? lol XD

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Dylan Moran. Try and see the beauty of his soul. He lays it bare, I assure you. There is great wit and genius in his observations and rhythm.

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Dylan Moran: "Money can’t buy you love, but it can get you some really good chocolate ginger biscuits."

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Dylan Moran

Cal quite likes the jeans/shirt/casual jacket thing that Dylan Moran does. Have to agree - it'd suited him.

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