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The_Sower-Jean_Francois_Millet_1850 Dynamic Definition of a disciple, count the cost

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A “Dynamic Interaction”: Leo Buscaglia on Why Love Is a Learned Language

A “Dynamic Interaction”: Leo Buscaglia on Why Love Is a Learned Language | Brain Pickings

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Vocal/Choral Terms Poster - Color, black & white, PLUS editable versions

This freebie includes my dynamic poster with a definition of dynamics and 6 dynamic levels with symbols and definitions. It includes: - 2 color po...


What Is a Dynamic Character?

Dynamic Character - Definition in Fiction

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Honesty printables

This 9 page file contains all the printables that you need to create a dynamic lesson. I have included: -honesty definition -honesty song lyrics-...


Dynamic topography vs. isostasy. A matter of words?


This is a Word Wall for BOTH Short Fiction and the Novel complete with 35 terms such as climax, motive, first person point-of-view, mood, tone, academic vocabulary, social vocabulary, round character, dynamic character, etc., etc. with definitions included in different fonts, plus clip art to provide differentiated instruction for visual/spatial learners.

100 words you should include on your resume!! I'm definitely going to use this!


GEOGEBRA is an interactive and dynamic software tool that allows the teacher to illustrate many concepts across all stages of the mathematics curriculum in a stimulating manner. The example shown of the parabola by locus definition allows students to immediately and clearly understand the behaviour of the parabola instead of trying to visualise it based on the definition alone or having to draw multiple graphs by hand. Stage 6: Mathematics – The Quadratic Polynomial and the Parabola, P2, P5.

Need resources to teach TYPES OF CHARACTERS! Look no further!Here is Everything you need to Teach TYPES OF CHARACTERS!Here's What's Included:2 Types of Characters Poster with definitions (protagonist, antagonist, major, minor, dynamic, and static)CCCS Lesson Focus for students to glue into their Reader's Notebook or Composition Books.