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Maison E. Goyard was a very popular brand among the rich in the early part of the 20th century, with clients such as the Emperor of Russia, John D. Rockefeller, & the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. In 1845, Francois Goyard started working with Morel in Paris, the trunk-maker who provided the Duchesse de Berry with her luggage, & Goyard became the successor of that company in 1853. Ever since, each Goyard piece is still completely handmade & custom, unique pieces are still standard.

New Logo & Brand Identity for Paley by Mucca
from BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion

New Logo & Brand Identity for Paley by Mucca — BP&O


“Show me your luggage, and I will tell you who you are!” declared a 1921 Louis Vuitton ad. As our bags travel with us, they become a souvenir of the journeys we make & how we make them. From the turn of the last century until 1960, luggage spoke even more eloquently than today, using a rich vocabulary of hotel stickers which were fixed upon clients bags by the hotels. These stickers became renowned & inspired a myth about a secret luggage language shared by porters & bellboys across Europe.


Enough with the wordplay though; ladies handbags are here to stay and stay they will with the multitude of styles, designs and embellishments that are at your disposal today. Ladies handbags are primal fashion accessories. Whoever instructed men down the ages to refrain from looking inside a lady’s handbag was wise enough. Where else would all the keys, essentials, cosmetics, tissues, gadgets and a few other things (ahem) go?