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ElectricMood Lightweight Foldable Urban E-Scooter


E-scooter 40 cc 40 Cc Stmax E-Scooter Zwd 406L

The World's Lightest & Smartest E-Scooter: cool, small, portable, and can be easily folded into a backpack and bring it anywhere

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Bmw E-scooter

The e-Scooter designed by BMW, stands out for its innovative design, it has no mirrors, and is equipped with two cameras by the rear lights that tell the rider about what goes on in the back, through information available on two LCD screens. The BMW e-scooter has a range of 60 miles and a performance equivalent to a convencional motor scooter of 400-500cc.


If you are a loyal reader of Tuvie, you would have read about MUV-e Scooter. We just got news from the company that this electric vehicle has come to live, it’s not just concept, it’s a fully functional vehicle.


Basically this commuter scooter can transform to a helpful shopping cart via some simple folding steps. Details that include a cradle for storing your phone makes this such an awesome thang. Elegant and functional, this is my scooty of the future!

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Former HTC execs unveil smart scooter plus a network of swappable batteries

What if you could swap out a depleted battery on your electric vehicle for a fully charged one in seconds? | #scooters #electric #transportation #CES2015 #Gogoro


Kids Electric Scooter E Scooter E-scooter Yellow 120W Motor 24V Rechargeable Battery Powered

Electric scooters are seen as very promising alternatives to mainstream transports such as the ones that run using fuel. Since they utilize electricity for functioning, there is no dependency whatsoever on fuel when use e-scooters. This also results in saving the fast-depleting natural resource such as oil and gas. Being eco-friendly and not leaving a carbon footprint is one of the biggest benefits of electric scooters. As the name says, they run with the help of electric power, and they…

Be.e bio-based e-scooter 電動摩托車 荷蘭 Waarmakers 設計了有史以來最環保的摩托車 Be.e scooter,摩托車殼是亞麻天然纖維和生物樹脂(frameless biocomposite 無框架生物複合材料)製成的硬殼式機身;硬殼剛度有如鋼材,電池可行走約 60 公里,最高時速為 55km/h,擋風玻璃加上奈米塗層,雨水不會停在玻璃上。 Waarmakers