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The Greats

On the cover of this special Oct. 23 edition of T, we celebrate seven people redefining our culture. Each of our subjects not only embodies our definition of great, but our understanding of its power.

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Travel Definition, Printable Travel Quote, Word Poster, Travel Word Art, Typography Wall Art, 8x10, A3, 18x24, Travel Instant Download

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Connotation Word Sort - Middle School

This product makes learning the concept of connotation easy! Each definition has three synonyms, the students must categorize each word according to its connotation. This can be used as a partner activity or individual. Could also be assigned for homework.Prep includes making copies and cutting out words...that's it!See picture of finished product herePair this with my full Connotation/Denotation Lessons:Connotation PowerPoint PresentationConnotation and Denotation Bell Ringers…


Vocabulary strategy - students write vocabulary words on each post-it, trace the post-its on a piece of paper, and write each definition in the squares. They trade with a partner and the partner has to stick each word on top of its definition.

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6 Borderline Genius Ways to Make Money on the Side

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This is a vocabulary graphic organizer known as 4 Square. It is an effective way to learn and practice vocabulary in any subject area. This product contains 1 sheet with four squares on it. Each square is divided into fourths. The student writes the vocabulary word in the center of the square, and then writes the definition, a sentence that uses the word, a synonym/antonym, and a picture in the other squares.