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Eagle Claw

from Etsy

Five Eagle Claws Resin Reproduction Eagle Talon native american crafts

Five Eagle Claws Resin Reproduction Eagle by EtowahTradingPost

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Eagle Images – MUG Korea

Eagle grip - just look at how strong those claws are - and how thick!

from Etsy

Antique 1903 sharp claw of White-tailed Eagle print, original bird of prey engraving, curiosity and oddity, vintage Sea Eagle raptor talon

Antique 1903 sharp claw of Whitetailed Eagle by LyraNebulaPrints, $19.50


Operation Eagle Claw, a debacle, a failure they say.  Little does anyone know that the mission was not a failure.  That the mission was scrubbed once Command realized that communications was important to mission success while at the Desert One rally point.  Then disaster, an EC-130 and an RH-53 tried to share the same space, ka-boom, 8 Soldiers lost.  Out of the ashes rises JSOC then came SOCs for the Army, Navy, Airforce and SOCOM within 10yrs time.  The Marines joined SOCOM 19yrs later.

from io9

More Evidence that Dinosaurs Still Live Among Us

These are the formidable talons of a Harpy Eagle, one of the largest species of raptor on Earth.


Hawk Talon Clip Art | Vector - eagle claw - stock illustration, royalty free illustrations ...