10 HOME Remedies to REMOVE EARWAX: 1) SALT Water 2) Hydrogen Peroxide 3) Baby Oil 4) VINEGAR + Rubbing Alcohol 5) WARM Water 6) OLIVE Oil 7) ALMOND Oil 8) Baking Soda 9) Glycerin 10) OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids ♥ ;)*

6 Home Remedies For Ear Wax Removal I did the earwax removal just plain hydrogen peroxide...it bubbled and tickled but cleaned my ear. The husband had major gunk come out..after trying it several times. Definitely cheaper than buying those beeswax candles.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Magic - Use it to remove ear wax. Use a solution of 3% with olive or almond oil. Add a couple drops of oil first then H2O2. After a few minutes, tilt head to remove solution and wax. (I actually do this, it works great!)

I think leaving ear wax IN the ear is best most of the time. But if you have a pesky "too much wax" problem, here is your natural & frugal solution!

Earwax can be an uncomfortable, painful nuisances! To avoid damaging your ear with cotton swabs, you should try home remedies to remove earwax buildup

Home Remedy for mild ear infection/moderate wax build up/water in ear

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Simple Home Remedies For Ear Wax This really works , done many times! Buy at health food stores.

Hydrogen Peroxide or warmed Olive Oil or Baby Oil will soften a build up of ear wax.

4 Home Remedies for Ear Wax Removal - ear candles not listed

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Looking for ear ache relief? This natural ear infection remedies recipe is fast, and you only need garlic and olive oil. You can make garlic oil to soothe.

How to Remove Ear Wax With Vinegar & Water

Dr. Oz explained how to remove earwax build up safely- 1st: Soften the wax with either baby oil, mineral oil, or earwax removal aid that contains carbamide peroxide. Apply 5-10 drops in your ear, leave the drops in for a few minutes. 2nd: Use a bulb syringe filled with warm water/saline solution to gently flush your ear. To get rid of the extra water, tilt your head to the other side, and gently move your ear around in a circle. Do this for 3 days in a row to take care of ear wax build-up.

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