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10 Amazing Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

My very favorite tea - You never smelled anything so wonderful... 10 Amazing Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

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London Fog Tea Latte (Earl Grey Latte)

DIY London Fog Latte (Earl Grey Latte) -- so delicious and comforting to make homemade, and SO much cheaper than Starbucks | #drink

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7. It Keeps You Hydrated - 7 Surprising Benefits of Earl Grey Tea You Should Know about ... → Health

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earl grey loaf WARNING!! : This cake needs to come with a caffeine warning. It has enough caffeine to keep an elephant awake for a year. This is morning cake!

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Spiced Earl Grey Milk Tea

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but tea, well, that's a drink I can get behind. Herbal, green, black, white, rooibos - I love it all! And after studying in China this summer, I fell even more in ... - Healthy Lifestyle Ideas

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Earl Grey Vanilla Tea Latte (London Fog)

I don't drink coffee. I know, that's probably hard to believe since I have two kids 3 and under but I just never got into it and now I can b...

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Earl Grey Ice Cream

Earl Grey ice cream; will make this and serve at a tea party. Sounds refreshing.

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London Fog Smoothie (no link) image by Kerri Patterson London Fog Smoothie 1/2 C Vanilla Yogurt 1C Crushed Ice 1t honey 1/4t vanilla 1/3C almond milk 1/3C Earl Grey tea (Steep tea until cold before blending ingredients in blender). As an alternative you could freeze the tea into ice cubes and omit the ice.

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